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Colorful cartoons such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Transformers were hugely influential in the s, spawning nostalgic franchises that are still creating reboots and sequels today. Most '80s cartoons followed heroic main characters that fought against armies of villains such as the Foot clan or the Decepticons, teaching valuable lessons to their audience about the nature of good and evil.

Whether it is to sell toys, create joy, or 80s cartoon series role models for the audience to look up to, fans can agree that these 80s cartoons are the cream of the crop. After being bitten 80s cartoon series a radioactive spider, Peter Parker balances his responsibility as the superhero Spider-Man and his everyday life as a college student. Spider-Man has had multiple cartoons, including the '60s cartoon that spawned multiple hilarious memesbut this series updates Peter Parker's character into a more modern de for the time, becoming more casual than his portrayals.

Spider-Man has been popular since his creation due to his relatable personality and daily struggles.

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Produced 80s cartoon series Hanna-Barbera Productions, this American-Belgian show follows the daily lives of the Smurfs and their various adventures, overcoming obstacles and the evil wizard Gargamel. The Smurfs have featured in several other cartoons, shows, and feature films as they are iconic and instantly recognizable characters. The show focuses on over Smurf characters that inhabit the Smurf village and is a classic cartoon that has remained timeless for younger viewers due to its easy-going and simple storylines. This show follows the lazy cat Garfield, the excitable dog Odie, the imaginative pig Orson, and their animal friends as they go on small-scale adventures 80s cartoon series their hometown, such as playing pranks, watching movies together, and throwing birthday parties.

Garfield is a lazy cat that only wants to lie around watching TV and eating lasagne, but his friends and his owner Jon drag him into their adventures. The show had 7 seasons, with a total of episodes.

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Record company owner Jerrica takes on the persona of pop star Jem alongside her band, The Holograms. Jerrica can disguise herself thanks to the holographic computer Synergy, which projects a hologram of Jem over Jerrica's normal body.

The band deals with love interests, rival bands, and keeping their identities secret. The diverse cast and outspoken female characters set this show apart from its contemporaries, and although the show was created to sell toys, like most '80s cartoons, the characters have remained relatable and fun throughout the years. Prince Adam is part of 80s cartoon series royal family that rules the planet of Eternia, and is bestowed great magical power when he holds up the Sword of Power and shouts "By the power of Greyskull!.

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He-Man has had many adaptations in comic book, film, and TV form. The show recently had a spin-off series, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, that focused on He-Man's sister, Princess Adora, and her group of heroic friends. The Japanese robot anime Beast King GoLion was dubbed into English and transformed into Voltrona show about five pilots 80s cartoon series control robotic lions.

These lions combine to form Voltron, a robot with the power to defeat the evil King Zarkon that terrorizes their planet. This show was the top-rated syndicated children's show during its run, and the success of the show and its massive franchise inspired Netflix's recent reboot of the show. The reboot focuses on the relationships between the characters and their lions, as well as the personal relationships between the crew 80s cartoon series. The Thundercats are humanoid cat-like aliens that are forced to flee their homeworld. The Sword of Omens has the Eye of Thundera embedded in the hilt, which is the source of the Thundercats' power.

The heroes are hunted by mutants and the sorcerer Mumm-Ra as they settle on Third Earth as their new home. The franchise spans comics, action figures, and TV shows featuring the colorful and easily recognizable cast but plans to make a live-action feature film have fallen through multiple times throughout the years.

The strange concept is fun and very different from the usual human storylines featured in a lot of other cartoon shows. Bugs Bunny and the cast of Looney Tunes have had many shows throughout the years, and this particular show is an anthology of fun classic cartoons featuring most of the cast. The episodes were edited to take out characters whose inclusion was deemed insensitive to certain groups, such as Speedy Gonzales.

The short comedic sketches are universally funny, with non-verbal sketches appealing to any audience member that is watching, regardless of language or location. Bugs Bunny is an iconic character from many people's childhoods, 80s cartoon series some people going as far as to tattoo Bugs onto themselvesshowing their love for this classic character.

Michaelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo, and Donatello are mutant turtles that have grown up underground with their mentor Splinter.

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Along with their friends April and Casey, they fight villains such as the Foot Clan, the clan's leader Shredder, and a highly intelligent brain in a jar named Krang. The huge of fun villains in this series is one of the many reasons it is so beloved, but the family dynamic of 80s cartoon series turtles themselves is appealing to kids and adults alike.

The series aired for 10 seasons, with episodes in total. This show was the first in a long line of TV shows, comics, and feature films featuring the Transformers, an alien race that can transform into vehicles such as cars, trucks, and airplanes. So many films are based on toys to sell themand this is no exception, but the Transformers cartoon is an absolute classic show that kickstarted a beloved franchise that is still seeing remakes and reboots today.

The divide between good and evil is made clear in this show, making it easy for audiences to root for the heroes and secretly think the villains are actually pretty cool. This British stop-motion animated show is based on a novel and follows the adventures of Toad, Rat, Badger, and Mole as they go about their lives living in Mole End and Toad Hall.

The characters try to combat the Weasels, thieves that try to steal Toad's fortune. The show was made using latex character figurines and scale model sets. The main character Rat was voiced by Peter Sallis, a British actor known for playing Wallace from Wallace and Gromit, and the show was comprised of 4 seasons, with 52 episodes in total. The animal characters are reminiscent of British stereotypes, loving tea and taking strolls. Scrooge McDuck, an elderly businessman with 80s cartoon series full of money, goes on adventures with his mischievous grandnephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

Their adventures take them around the world seeking treasure and fighting villains that wish to steal Scrooge's gold. Video games, comic books, and feature films have been made from this franchise thanks to the show's success, and recently Disney released a reboot of the show starring Doctor Who 's David Tennant, Community's Danny Pudi, 80s cartoon series Parks and Recreation's Ben Schwartz.

The Looney Tunes cast are enduring characters that entertain and resonate with fans throughout the years. The characters remain in fine form, however, and deliver fun sketches that entertain audiences worldwide. A young boy Goku befriends a teen girl named Bulma, and together they hunt for the seven Dragon Balls that can summon a wish-granting dragon, Shenron. They are aided by Master Roshi, and together they fight against various villains such as Emperor Pilaf and Piccolo.

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This show covers the first chapters of the manga, while its sequel, Dragon Ball Z, covers the remaining chapters. This series is a classic anime for all ages to watch, as many anime fans grew up 80s cartoon series this cartoon. The characters are beloved by fans and the story is fun to follow, even though the sheer amount of episodes may seem daunting to first-time viewers. The Simpson family lives in Springfield, a satire on American life, and the show follows the family's adventures around their hometown and occasionally the rest of the world.

These characters are instantly recognizable and iconic. Since their beginnings as short films on The Tracey Ullman ShowThe Simpsons has expanded into a massive franchise and has become the longest-running animated series of all time.

There are so many moments in the show, both heartfelt and hilariou s, that make this cartoon one of the best shows of its time. She loves to talk about movies, anime, and TV shows. She is always writing action, fantasy, and comedy screenplays. She takes Japanese lessons and is studying for a master's degree in scriptwriting.

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