Advantages of dating a tall girl

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I know a lot of guys who think twice about dating a taller woman. Problem is, you make your dating pool so much smaller when you do that. If you follow my blog, you know I strongly recommend MegaDating — a tried-and-true technique for increasing your dating volume and ultimate success with women.

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But if you decide against dating a taller woman, you cut down your choices by a huge percentage once again… after all that work! Instead of getting weird about dating a taller woman, learn to embrace it. But Advantages of dating a tall girl definitely have control over the way you present yourself. Make your clothing a priority.

Also, stay well-groomed. Consider your options when it comes to facial hair. Look at some photos and see what you can create for yourself. Check out YouTube for tutorials if needed. Also, take care of any skin issues acne, discoloration with topical treatments. Finally — this is long-term, but well worth it — think about getting into better shape. Investing in your fitness, combined with your grooming and clothing Advantages of dating a tall girl will make you much more competitive in the dating pool. A lot of guys do this, and I understand why: One study found that a whopping Everyone knows what six feet looks like.

At that point, you look dishonest. On the other hand, what if you were honest about your height? What benefits do you have in being shorter? Can you work your way through crowds faster? Qualify for child passes on admission? Still trick-or-treat in a costume? Look at the positives and own your height. After all, it will set you apart from other men, which is always a good thing. On a serious note, if your feelings of self-worth are affected by your height, try doing the following exercise. This helps to boost confidence and remind you of your value. No matter how much taller she is, you still have a lot to bring to the table.

It just means being direct and forthcoming about your achievements and good qualities … in a super subtle, yet honest way. Go back to your Reasons Why exercise and maybe pick out recent successes that pertain to your work. Find ways to mention those things indirectly. You might talk about how hard it is to manage your time now that sales are through the roof and the business has you working around the clock.

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Or how surprised you were when your new staff threw you a birthday party in the office. What does this mean? It should. Here are some quick tips for doing that:. See my post on how to use a TDL for more on this. Assert your masculinity by doing things like paying for the bill, giving her your jacket if she gets cold, and walking her to her car or Uber. A guy who can fix things is like gold. Step in and try to help. Hopefully, you can get over it, too!

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There are a lot of celebrities who are short and are dating taller women. So, consider how you can shift your beliefs by using role models as examples. Employ some of what he uses to come across as hyper-masculine.

Copy his body language and imagine yourself as an action star. Comedians like Kevin Hart have also learned to make fun of their height. You can do the same. Develop a good sense of humor about it like they do. You might even try a comedy, improvor creative writing class to really sharpen your skills so your sense of humor overrides any feelings about the height difference she may have.

At the same time, remember…. This is especially important when she wears heels. Dating a taller woman has tons of advantages.

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Hey, you might laugh, but this comes in handy! Well, now you can do the same thing and wear hers. One more: If you drink, she can more likely keep up with you. In fact, if you do feel insecure about it, you might have bigger problems anyway. This is why working with a coach is so important. Getting your head right when it comes to evaluating your opportunities in the dating Advantages of dating a tall girl is everything. In my ature program, I offer 12 private sessions over a period of three months. Book a consult session with me today to get started.

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Advantages of dating a tall girl

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