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It is based upon the Netherlands series of the same namewhich gained notoriety in and Big Brother 9 is the first season of the series to air in the Winter time period, due to a writer's strike. The series premiered on CBS on February 12, and lasted eleven weeks until the live finale on April 27, The ninth season saw a decrease in ratings when compared to past editions of the series. The season premiered to a total of 7. Overall, the series averaged 6. Big Brother 9 was the first season to cast a total of 16 HouseGuests, in which it became a permanent change to the format in season 14 and subsequent seasons.

The series ended after 81 days, in which HouseGuest Adam Jasinski was crowned the winner, and Ryan Quicksall the runner-up. Following the Writers Guild of America strikethe trade magazine Variety reported that CBSin response, was considering airing a winter edition of Big Brotherand that the network started cast auditions.

In addition to the grand prize and the runner-up prize, various Alex and amanda big brother prizes were offered throughout the game, a majority during Power of Veto competitions or Luxury competitions. Since no one beat his score, Dick won the guitar for himself. The Wednesday episode, which aired at 8 pm Eastern Timefeatured the live eviction and subsequent Head of Household competition taking place. During the live eviction, the show was hosted by Julie Chen. The Sunday episode, which aired at 8 pm Eastern Time, featured the food competition and nomination ceremony, as well as some highlights from the days.

The Tuesday episode, which aired at 9 pm Eastern Time featured the Power of Veto competition and the Power of Veto ceremony, along with more highlights of recent events in the game. Some changes to the scheduling format were made.

The first eviction, for example, occurred on the second episode of the season. On February 11, CBS announced that the live Internet feeds would return for the season with certain events in the House being blocked out to preserve drama of the television broadcasts. House pictures were released on February 6, The house has an outdoors theme due to this being the first season to air during the winter season. The house also includes a theme of love, in alignment with the season's twist. In the dining room and kitchen, the furniture are in bright red and yellow colors, and logs stacked against each other fill up a wall.

The Head of Household room is an exotic island oasis. The headboard is made from a surfboard, there are Hula girl table lamps, rattan carpet and Polynesian knickknacks. Two large beds made of actual unfinished tree branches with pink bedspre fill another room. A red colored room connected directly to the living room by a short hallway, with no doors, has a pair of pullout couches rather than actual beds. Outside, there is a hot tub and pool, a billiards table and lounge area. The lounge area features a fire pit and heated lamps. The outside also includes the washing machine and clothes dryerboth of which are covered overhead.

The format remains largely unchanged from seasons. HouseGuests are sequestered in the Big Brother House with no contact to or from the outside world. Each week, the HouseGuests take part in several compulsory challenges that determine who will win food, luxuries, and power in the House. After a HouseGuest becomes Head of Household, he or she is ineligible to take part in the next Head of Household competition. The losing team will be forced to eat Big Brother Slop for the week. This is the third season to feature Slop as Alex and amanda big brother punishment food, as it was originally peanut butter and jelly.

The winner of the Power of Veto competition wins the right to save one of the nominated HouseGuests from eviction. If the Veto winner exercises the Alex and amanda big brother, the Head of Household must then nominate another HouseGuest for eviction.

On eviction night, all HouseGuests except for the Head of Household and the two nominees vote to evict one of the two nominees. In the event of a tie, the Head of Household must cast the deciding vote, announcing it in front of the other HouseGuests.

These "Jury Members" will be sequestered in a separate house and will not be allowed to watch the show except for competitions and ceremonies that include all of the remaining HouseGuests. The jury members will not be shown any Diary Room interviews or any footage that include strategy or details regarding nominations. This season featured numerous twists to the format. The main twist this season saw the Alex and amanda big brother competing as couples; they competed as couples, were nominated as couples, and were evicted as couples.

This twist went on until the third week, when the couples were told they could officially play as individuals. Another twist this season saw a ly evicted HouseGuest returning to the game on Day 35, with the returning HouseGuest decided partly by the HouseGuests themselves. This season also introduced the Power Couple twist, in which the winners of this title were required to evict one couple from the house in a matter of a few days.

Matt McDonald participated in a food competition for the following seasonwhich featured a representative from each season.

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Parker Sommerville attended the premiere of Big Brother On Day 1, the original sixteen HouseGuests entered the house. The last couple remaining suspended without falling would be the winning team. The HouseGuests were asked questions about the various quotes hanging on the walls of the house. If they got within ten pounds of their partner's weight, the HouseGuests won the two major food groups that couple represented.

Allison then became the first individual HouseGuest to be evicted from the house in a unanimous vote of six to zero. Ryan was the winner. The team with the most correctly spelled words would win Alex and amanda big brother competition, but would only win the food items they had spelled. Ryan was the winner of the competition, however, chose to take a prize and allowed Chelsia to win the Power of Veto.

When James and Natalie were the last two remaining, James promised Natalie that both she and Matt would be safe if she allowed him to win Head of Household. They could only move two blocks at a time, and dropping a block or falling would result in their elimination; the first HouseGuest to successfully get their blocks into their tube would win. The winner of each round would select the next two to face off, with the last remaining HouseGuest becoming the winner. To get points, the HouseGuests had to buzz in and state which three cards would add up to 21, thus earning a chip.

The winner would earn the right to see the film 21along with three other HouseGuests of their choice. This led to Chelsia, Joshuah, Sharon, and Sheila winning the competition. The HouseGuests then attempted to get the highest score in a game of croquet, and the HouseGuest with the most points was the winner. The HouseGuest with the most correct answers would win.

If three or more HouseGuests choose their slop cards, then those people would be on slop; if three or more chose the food card, they would be on slop. Ultimately, Adam was the only HouseGuest with food that week. Each round, HouseGuests could either stay or fold; folding would allow them to continue in the game, but could Alex and amanda big brother get a point whereas the HouseGuest with the answer closest to the correct one would earn a point, though the farthest is eliminated.

Following Joshuah's eviction, HouseGuests competed in the "More The last HouseGuest to bring the correct answer each round was eliminated. The HouseGuest to complete the competition in the fastest time would be the winner.

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Sharon and Ryan were the winners. Ryan was the winner of this round. Adam was the winner. Ryan was the winner, thus became the final Head of Household. For the first three weeks, the HouseGuests competed in couples. Couples would win competitions, and hold power together and would vote and be evicted together.

Each pair is identified by the colour beside their name. Should Alex and amanda big brother Head of Household couple were unable to reach an agreement on whom to nominate for eviction, they would have been nominated while the runner-up couple in the competition would become the new HoH. If the Power of Veto couple were unable to reach an agreement on how to use the power, the Pov could not be used and Nominations would remain in place.

If a couple were not able to agree on whom to evict from Alex and amanda big brother House, that couple would be evicted instead. On Day 28, the game reverted to the regular format, with the HouseGuests playing as individuals. Big Brother 9 airs three episodes a week, with shows airing Sundays at 8 p. ESTTuesdays 9 p. The live eviction show was moved to Wednesdays due to Survivor: Micronesia airing Thursdays 8 p. This is the first season of Big Brother to air during an official television season, and the second to air concurrently with a season of Survivor.

The first episode of Big Brother 9 premiered on February 12, with 7. This is ratings information for the season. Unless otherwise cited, the overnight rating and share information comes from Zap2It [] and viewer and ranking information comes from CalendarLive.

This is ratings information for the season that broadcasts in the United Kingdom on E4. Ratings below are overnight figures from Channel4Sales. The season was panned by fans and critics with many considering it to be the worst season in the show's history. Criticism went towards the season's twist of being evicted in pairs as well as the unlikability of the cast. When Sheila confronted him over his highly offensive remarks, Adam responded by saying "[he] can call them whatever [he] want because [he] work[s] with them all day". Gilmore called for the show to be canceled and claimed that the network chose to air the segment for their own personal goals.

The organization, United Autism Foundation, claims to be a c3 charity deductions made to the organization would be considered tax deductible under current IRS regulations. On Day 31, Matt used a racial slur when referring to another white HouseGuest. The incident in question was aired on both the live Internet feeds and the spin-off show Big Brother: After Dark on Showtime 2.

On Day 70, there was a controversial Head of Household competition where the HouseGuests were to determine if certain statements were "fact" or "fiction. Some fans considered this question unfair.

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Sharon missed the question, leading to her losing the HoH competition and ultimately being evicted. HouseGuest Allison said, "I hope Adam gets the maximum [jail] time he deserves because this is terrible. Season of television series. November 6, Archived from the original on 10 November Retrieved Digital Spy, November 7, Entertainment Weekly, November 6, Archived from the original on Archived from the original on 18 November CBS official site. Archived from the original on 3 December Multichannel News.

Big Brother Season Episode 1.

Alex and amanda big brother

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