Am i on his mind quiz

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This test explains if he loves, likes, friends, or dislikes you.

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It also can say if you are on his mine. Like if he loves you, hell yeah will you be on his mind. Dislikes, possibley for the wrong reason! Smile Look away stare Nudge his friends. Text back straight away Reply eventually Answer if it's important Not answer You don't have his.

Have you ever been his partner at school out of choice? Yes ; No ; No we got paired up by the teacher. He glanced once or twice All the time! Never My friends say he has Hell yeahhh No Idk. On all the websites.

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A few I havent asked to be friends Duhh Yeah Depends Nope Personality is more important. All the time Yeahh before Nope. Not about school work yes About school work Once or twice Never. Yes No. Kaayyy I said no ; .

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More Top Tests More Top New Tests More New Tests When you look at him does he When you text him does he Have you ever caught him looking at you? Are you online friends with him on anything? Are you pretty?

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Has he ever complimented you? Has he ever started a conversation? Do you believe in this quiz? If you said yes dont get your hopes up to high Kaayyy I said no ; .

Am i on his mind quiz

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