Are you sexy and attractive

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The other day, one of my friends came to me seeking advice. When some think of the term cute, they picture a small infant swaddled up like a cocoon or a fuzzy kitten playing with string — not something to be taken seriously — but that thinking is taking it far too literally.

Yet, a lot of people get caught up in overthinking the terms that others use to describe them when it comes to attraction — namely cute, beautiful, and sexy — because it can be difficult to discern the meaning behind them.

And while these archetypes have historically been portrayed as very gendered, they can be used to describe anyone by anyone, regardless of gender or identity. In this sense of the term, cute is attractive and alluring in its own way. She's so cute. They're so cute. There's something about the word that evokes this feeling of heartwarming and adorable.

A cute person Are you sexy and attractive be too shy to steal everyone's attention at a bar, but they flourish in smaller, more intimate settings. At the same time, a cute man or woman is typically pretty approachable and friendly. People can definitely be physically cute.

Usually a cute appearance describes someone who is soft-featured, youthful, and maybe extra smiley — but the options are endless.

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After all, the term truly is subjective. The thought that the word cute is just used as a lesser, pandering compliment for people who don't qualify as pretty or beautiful is definitely not true. They have presence. While a lot of their presence may have to do with some type of physical characteristic, the majority of it has to do with their confidence, which we all know is one of the sexiest traits someone can possess.

In this sense, the term sexy is pretty straightforward: It comes from a place of lust. Having said that, sexy doesn't just apply to their body or the bedroom. People use the word to describe both looks and behavior. And long gone are the days of saying sexy and smart are mutually exclusive. In fact, a study from the University of Western Australia concluded that a certain high IQ Are you sexy and attractive is ideal to have in order to be maximally sexually attractive.

A driven, intellectual man or woman can be equally as sexy as the one with the skin-tight shirt at the bar or they might even be the one wearing that skin-tight shirt… because they can totally be both.

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Though there are overarching sexy attributes, everyone finds different specific things sexy. Naturally, when a woman or man has all of the physical assets that someone is looking for, that's sexy in a more explicit sense. But a lot of what defines sexiness is beneath the surface.

If the sexy person is the one at the bar whom you want to take home for the night, the beautiful one is the one you want to stare at for hours and just take in for all their glory. What you're saying to someone when you're telling them they're beautiful or gorgeous is that they're radiant.

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The purpose of compliments is to make the receiver feel good. As Amy Hartle, a couples travel and relationship writer at Two Drifterstold Bustle, "The key here is giving a compliment to your partner that lets them know how much you are attracted to them. So, if you are uncomfortable with any of these three words, there are two main things you should do.

But you also might want to take a closer look at why one of these compliments ruffles you the wrong wayaccording to Boyd. So, there's always an invitation for introspection, too.

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When it comes down to it, no one person is only cute or sexy or beautiful. They all relate and intertwine, and every woman and man has the duality to be more than one. Gignac, G. Some people are attracted sexually to intelligence: A psychometric evaluation of sapiosexuality.

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Intelligence, 66, 98— Cora Boyddating and relationship expert. Amy Hartlea couples travel and relationship writer at Two Drifters. This article was originally published on By Dan Scotti and Claire Fox. Updated: July 29, Originally Published: November 25, Search Close.

Are you sexy and attractive

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