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I completely understand how nerve-racking it can be to decide to come bare it all for a stranger. I want to answer your questions and help ease your nerves. Please read over the most commonly asked questions below.

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If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. Use Beautiful housewives ready seduction Biloxi Mississippi contact form here. To most people, boudoir means sexy, seductive photos of women in lingerie, or little to no clothing. The truth is, boudoir is a celebration of sensual beauty, which is hugely different for each woman on a personal level.

I will talk with you about what makes YOU feel beautiful, and I'll customize your experience to bring that out in your photos. So the answer is, boudoir is YOU, in your most beautiful state of mind and body. Every woman is an absolutely gorgeous piece of art and I personally believe that every woman deserves to be able to see themselves as just that. A boudoir session is an experience that will leave you feeling beautiful, strong, sexy, and empowered.

As you should, you sexy thing, you! Most session are held in our downtown Hattiesburg, MS studio. We are currently booking sessions for Biloxi, Mississippi as well as Jackson, Mississippi. You can also choose to have an outdoor location; river, beach, woods, etc. However, I travel all over and if your bedroom has proper natural light, I can also come to you. If you are interested in having your session in your home let me know. There are lots of options!

YES, I will travel to limited locations. You'll just need to cover all travel costs, rental cars and airbnb accommodations if you'd like to me to come to your city! Grab some girlfriends and split the cost! I recommend girls to make it a weekend of fun! You will start by filling out the contact form. Once you decide to book your own experience session, I will send over your invoice, contract, and questionnaire. When you finish your paperwork and pay your creation fee, then you are all booked in!

Beautiful housewives ready seduction Biloxi Mississippi will then send over a link to my Client Lounge that has links and tips to help you prepare for your boudoir experience. Your questionnaire that you complete, helps me to get to know you and plan a personalized experience session just for you.

For some women that means planning out playful flirty poses and outfits and for others it is about picking out the perfect lingerie to seduce their special someone. I have a very few select wonderful hair and make-up artist that I schedule for all my shoots.

The cost is a part of each of the experience sessions. These women know how to do hair and make-up styled perfectly for the camera. I have noticed that make-up helps to give my clients the confidence they need to shine in their images. When a woman shines, this is where the real beauty shows through. If you feel more comfortable skipping this, that is fine too! I highly recommend booking your session at least weeks before when you are needing your products. Once you pay for your products in full it takes about business days to get your products in. So, just be mindful of that when planning your special occasions.

Once your session is over, we will schedule your reveal and ordering appointment within two weeks of your session date. You will never have to be overwhelmed with galleries or not knowing what sizes and products to order. At your reveal appointment, we begin with a beautiful slideshow for you to see all of your gorgeous images for the first time.

Girlfriend, wear waterproof mascara- this can be a really emotional experience!

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We then go through each image to select your favorites. We will work together to select the best images for your Heirloom Products. I have hand selected the best products to last for generations! I do have a fully inclusive digital collection! It's a great way to get ALL your images without having to narrow any of them down. You can also purchase them in groups and include them as a part of your collection. I only share photos with a ed release from each client, so you can trust that your booty is safe with me: You have several choices of how your images are shared, if at all. Yes, you absolutely should!

None of the women on my site are models, they are all real women who wanted pictures just like you. They all come in with their own set of flaws and insecurities. They have had hair and make-up done, great lighting and posing. I will show you the beautiful sides of yourself and capture it in gorgeous pictures for you to cherish long after our session. I am happy not all my clients look the Beautiful housewives ready seduction Biloxi Mississippi. I love how we are all beautiful in our own way! One of the biggest things I hear women say is "I don't know how to pose Candace, so you'll have to help me.

It's going to be great! All you have to do, is trust me: I know all the tricks to create the most flattering angles for you, no matter what shape or size you are. A Boudoir Shoot does not require you to go and buy a whole new closet full of lingerie. For starters I have a fully stocked Lingerie Closet for you to pick from with sizes small-3x. However, Boudoir is not about reinventing yourself or having to wear anything you don't feel comfortable in.

While it can be a good excuse to buy some new bras or panties, my favorite way to photograph women is in their favorite everyday outfit. A cozy sweater pulled up to reveal lacy undies. Your photos should reflect exactly who you are, and part of who you are is what you like to wear and feel comfortable in. This photo session is about you, your body and what makes you feel sexy, sensual and beautiful. Many women go topless or completely naked.

It is up to you! The white sheets "outfit" is a great way to do implied nude without Beautiful housewives ready seduction Biloxi Mississippi all the goodies. If you feel comfortable enough in the end and you want to do some nudes, we can certainly do that, but it's not required at all. You sure can! Bring a friend with you if you'd like during the hair and makeup process.

There are no boys allowing in the shooting area, unless we are doing a couples session. If you do have a girlfriend hanging out there is a no cell phone rule unless you are doing behind the scenes photos for me. That's totally fine and a really common concern that clients have.

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I do not reschedule for periods, unless you have severe issues related to it. As long as you are comfortable wearing a tampon we are good to go. If you have other concerns regarding your cycle, just let me know and we can certainly work around it! I lightly retouch each image. I remove blemishes and bruising. That is the extent of my editing since my brand is all about the real beauty of all women and not changing who you are. If you have scarring or stretch marks, I leave those in since they are a permanent part of your body, we just don't have to focus all the pictures on those if you don't like them.

I do not do any body reshaping in Photoshop. Part of my job is to find the most flattering pose for each of my clients for all shape and sizes. I want every woman to receive their images and have full confidence that who they are is what is reflected in that image, and not someone who had their body manipulated in Photoshop. Several of my clients have felt nervous about this, and in the end, appreciated that the beautiful photos they received, were actually pictures of themselves.

I do take specific requests from my clients, so do not hesitate to discuss any issue with me. You are allowed ONE complimentary rescheduling date, if you give at least a fourteen day notice. If you need to reschedule for a second time you'll just need to pay another full booking fee to choose a new date on the calendar.

You can refer to your contact regarding this matter once you book in. Oh my, could I answer this question with a really long list. My one answer:. I don't care if you've lost weight, just turned 50, you're getting married or even divorced. A boudoir session is a celebration of all your perfect imperfections and you deserve to embrace who you are as a woman. It's about time we all celebrate our sexuality! As women, we really tend to put everyone else before us: be it our kids, spouses, Beautiful housewives ready seduction Biloxi Mississippi, etc, the list is never ending!

It is time to stop that, even if just for a day! Let us take some time to celebrate you and your own beautiful self! Hit that Contact Beautiful housewives ready seduction Biloxi Mississippi

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Boudoir by Candace Gurley. Where are the sessions held? Do you travel? How do I book my session? How far in advance should I schedule my session from my special date? I want to book, but I want to keep my photos private. Is that an option? I am nervous about my body, I don't look like the women on your site, should I still book a session? Do you provide outfits? GIRL, I've got you covered or actually uncovered lol.

More questions? Ready to book? Fill out the contact form below!

Beautiful housewives ready seduction Biloxi Mississippi

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