Black labs for sale in washington

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The core philosophy that guides our breeding program is to consistently provide the worlds finest Labradors through careful adherence to the AKC and CKC breeding guidelines plus incorporating the latest in genetics to continually maintain the finest qualities our clients have come to expect in our labs! Truth is that our specialized breeding program is not the largest — nor is that our goal.

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However the in the magnificent puppies that are produced on the Desert Wind are second to none world wide. Because we aim high in choosing the right parents that have only the very best qualities — superb body confirmation combined with only the greatest intelligence always looking for improving health and overall longevity.

And Desert Wind Labradors is unique in that we seek to incorporate the longevity of our sires, dams and puppies through nutrition and genetic selection. Anyone who has owned a Labrador Retriever knows that the longer and healthier they live the better.

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We are committed to this even though it takes time and patience. It is our goal to produce dogs that are able to live to the full extent of their life expectancy. We believe that through consistent adherence to these goals we can eventually produce Labradors that will live into their late teens and possibly longer.

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And again we believe this is only possible through careful genetic selection and optimum nutrition throughout their lives. So whether you are looking for a magnificent yellow, a stellar black, an adorable chocolate or even the rare chocolate-nosed yellow we call these White Chocolate Labrador Retriever puppy, Desert Wind Labradors have just the puppy for you!

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All our pups come from carefully selected parents that exhibit and pass on in their offspring the gentleness, loyalty and dedication that exemplifies the very best of the Labrador Retriever breed and has made it the One dog in America for over 20 years. Our labs are full spirited, enthusiastic, eager to please. They are quick learners and very easy to train… not nervous or high strung.

Choose yellow, black, chocolate … they are all great! Plus we do offer the rare liver nosed yellow lab or white chocolate which is so unique you just have to see them to appreciate exactly how stunning they are! No kidding!

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Every litter offers choices and every preference can be accommodated. Breeding Rights or Full Registration available for an additional fee. He was born on Saturday, …. Meet the Late Summer Training Class! Why choose a Desert Wind Labrador Puppy? Copyright Desert Wind Labradors.

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The variation in the coat can be extremely pale to overall golden wheat color. The overall body color can be solid color or show deeper shades on the ears and back. Blacks are also a favorite of many hunters who will not even consider another color when choosing their lab pup. Depending on which Geno-type they come from the Desert Wind black lab puppies can have the jet blue black hue or the black with deep chocolate highlights.

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This is only possible because of a recessed chocolate gene.

Black labs for sale in washington

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Labrador Retriever Puppies for Sale in Washington by Uptown Puppies