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Budak Neven. Budak, Servi Budak, Hrvatska u doba Trpimira Croatia in the times of Trpimirin. In order to discuss problems related to the persistance of slavery in Dalmatia in the Late Middle Ages, it is of some interest to take a brief look at the earlier evidence for the existance and practice of slave-holding and trade in human beings1.

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The first mention of slaves in Croatia can be found in the charter of dux Trpimir from Trpimir also confirmed two ecclesiastical possessions on the mountain of Mosor, mentioning by name three male slaves, but speaking in general about servi et ancille employed there.

Finally, in an annex to the charter, names of another twelve slaves living in the mountain of Mosor were listed, six of whom were said to have wives. Scarce as it is, this data provides some interesting information.

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Firstly, slaves existed both in Croatia and in Dalmatia. Secondly, they were owned by the ruler and by the church.

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Thirdly, some of them lived organized in families, while others were unmarried. Finally, it was the male slaves that mattered and were recorded by name, while women were just mentioned as ancillae. Let us briefly investigate other sources for early medieval slavery.

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The administrative division of Dalmatia into its Byzanitne and its.

Black men in croatia

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Croatia: Treatment of Muslims and Muslims of mixed descent by skinhe, nationalist and racist groups; availability and accessibility of state protection for Muslims ()