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Steve E. Lewis, 26, of Maplewood, is charged with second-degree murder and first-degree aggravated robbery. He was arrested on Aug. Courtesy Ramsey County sheriff's office. A year-old Maplewood man has been charged with murder and aggravated robbery in the shooting death in St. Lewis, before Lewis shot him in the head, according to a criminal complaint filed Monday, Aug.

Lewis, who has four felony convictions, had ordered Bo to give him his wallet, the complaint said. They met the man later identified as Lewis about p. Friday, the complaint said. Bo hesitated.

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He asked to see the phone to determine if he was interested in it. Lewis then said that the phone was at his house, too, and added that he lived right around the corner. His girlfriend urged him just to go there and get it done. He told Lewis that the money was at the bank. Bo begged to be let go, telling Lewis to take anything. Lewis took off, running west in the alley between Wakefield Avenue and Hudson Road. The car rolled with Bo and his girlfriend still in it until she stopped it.

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A man driving by heard her Craigslist in saint paul mn and called police. Doctors determined that the wound, with entry on the Craigslist in saint paul mn side and exit through the left, would be fatal. His family took him off life-support Saturday. When an officer responded to the area, he was aware that a similar robbery had taken place there the week before. Lewis got into the backseat as the officer held him and the driver at gunpoint. Lewis, who was talking on a cellphone, had blood on the fingers of his left hand. The officer ordered him out of the car. Paul when he went to buy juice.

He had what appeared to be a bullet hole in his forearm. Everyone else at the house on Plum also was too afraid to take him to the hospital, Lewis told police, so he called another friend. The woman driver said he had called her a half-hour earlier, claiming he had been stabbed. When she arrived, he came out of the house holding a white T-shirt on his left arm.

Are the police looking this way? At some point in the interview, he asked for a lawyer. A witness said that Lewis had bought a black gun, believed to be a Glock, about two to three weeks before the incident. Lewis had it tucked into his pants. Upon a search of the Plum Street house Lewis had been in, police recovered a Glock 9mm pistol with a magazine, an extended Glock magazine, a blood-stained Chicago Bulls jersey, a pair of white blood-stained tennis shoes and several cellphones.

Paul police spokesman Howie Padilla would not speculate on how the suspect suffered the gunshot wound, but said it did not involve an officer. Ramsey County Attorney John Choi said that the facts in the complaint suggested Lewis accidentally shot himself. Choi said the crime hit close to home for him, as his family, too, came to St. Paul as immigrants and worked hard to get ahead. Padilla said Bo spoke with the seller by phone before the meeting and arranged the meeting in a semi-public place.

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Padilla reminded consumers of goods from direct marketplaces to use caution and question the source before the exchange. The victim was studying to become a computer engineer at Hamline University and worked two jobs to help support his family, relatives and friends said. At the time of the shooting, he was out on bail pending sentencing Oct.

Police are investigating whether Lewis is connected to a series of similar robberies, said Sgt. Paul Paulos, another St. Paul police spokesman. He struck the victim with the gun and fled, but without the wallet. He met a man about 7 p. Lewis was also set to be a college student in the fall, said Crystal Lewis, his aunt.

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He was to start at Century College in two weeks and planned to study automotive technology, she said. Mara H. Gottfried and Andy Greder contributed to this story. Emily Gurnon can be reached at Follow her at twitter. Show Caption. By Emily Gurnon Pioneer Press. More in News.

Craigslist in saint paul mn

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