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According to the of a new study, having sex is rarely the cause of sudden cardiac arrest SCA. In fact, when researchers examined more than 4, cases of cardiac arrest occurring in Portland, Oregon over a 10 year span, they found that only 34 of the cases were linked to having sex in the hour before. Hands-only CPR can be lifesaving if a partner suffers a cardiac arrest during sexual activity.

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In the study, 32 men and 2 women were victims of SCA related to sexual activity. In statistical terms, this means that 1 in SCAs in men, and 1 in SCAs in women were influenced by sexual activity.

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The work was also published as a research letter in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. This further serves as a reminder of the importance of initiating hands-only CPR, the most important intervention immediately after a witnessed cardiac arrest. Andersen, M. It is well known among medical providers that the risk of having a heart attack or a cardiac arrest among patients with heart disease is quite low for those who engage in sexual activity, as well as those who have recently recovered from a recent heart attack, had cardiac stents placed or even bypass surgery.

To place this in perspective, a study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that sexual activity lasting 6 minutes burns about 21 calories, the equivalent of taking a moderate walk. This study has its greatest value by providing a real-world assessment of how commonly sexual activity is a factor in SCA in the general population.

The presence of coronary Dying for some good sex disease, heart failure, and those taking cardiac medications were similar among both groups. The authors additionally observed that those who suffered a SCA related to sexual activity more commonly had a presenting heart rhythm of ventricular tachycardia or ventricular fibrillation, compared with SCAs that were unrelated to sexual activity. This is a BETA experience.

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Dying for some good sex

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Dying For Sex