Good wedding advice quotes

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Your wedding day is a day you wait for your entire life. You've planned it all down to the very last detail with matching bridesmaids dresses, a stunning bouqueta gorgeous and yummy cake, and a photographer that's sure to capture images worthy of the greatest Instagram captions. The quotes here can be the perfect addition to that day, too—add them as a decorative element to your program or even as a part of your nuptial vows. But be sure to keep them in mind for a year or two or ten down the road into your marriage, when the reflection in your wedding day rearview mirror may appear a little blurry.

The wedding day goes by so fast and a marriage is for a lifetime, so it's natural as time goes by that you'll need a reminder every now and then of the kind of love and sentiment that drew you to your spouse in the beginning and that you both especially felt on that amazing day you exchanged vows. Every year on your anniversary you and your spouse could each share your Good wedding advice quotes quote from our collection of anniversary quotes or take inspiration from some of history's most famous celebrity couples on their own wedding days.

Spend some time watching your own wedding video or looking through wedding albums and you'll be sure to have rekindled those feelings from that day long ago in no time. It was not my Good wedding advice quotes you kissed, but my soul.

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Good wedding advice quotes

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35 Wedding Quotes to Help You See the Beauty of a Lifetime of Love