Hook up mouse to android phone

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While on the other Android devices, you can connect the peripherals such as a mouse wirelessly through Bluetooth. This simply means that you can connect your PC Mouse wirelessly with an Android tablet or Android phone and use the mouse cursor to navigate through screen. All the functions of a mouse that can be used on the personal computer can be applied on the Android devices, without any limitations.

These OTG cables are available online and can also be purchased from local shops. If you are unsure whether your Android phone is compatible with OTG cable you can do a simple Google search. You do not need to go through any other additional configuration to start working.

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It is as simple as just plug and play. Going wireless with the Bluetooth has its additional benefit of not having to manage a clutter of wires. To achieve Bluetooth connection for your wireless mouse with your Android phone. You need to open your Android Bluetooth settings screen and pair it with your wireless mouse.

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You do not need to do any sort of extra tweaks or rooting to use wireless mouse with your Android phone. When you connect the wireless mouse with your Android phone you will find a similar mouse cursor appearing on your phone screen. Moreover, clicking and accessing all the functionalities is similar to the way that you use with your touch function.

It works absolutely like the way it works on the personal computers or the laptops.

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In addition, to use a mouse you can also use your finger from time to time to access the touch functionality along with the mouse. The Android phone not only enables you to connect your wireless mouse but also many other devices. Almost, all the peripherals that we use to operate a PC or laptop can be connected with Android phone. There are applications on the Google Play Store which enables you to inverse the functionality by allowing you to use your Android phone as a controller for your PC or the laptop. The Android phone has a lot of additional benefits only if you know how Hook up mouse to android phone increase its productivity with the help of simple tools available in the market.

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Hook up mouse to android phone

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How To Use a Mouse with Your Android Device