How to search facebook friends by city

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Facebook is a great tool for finding people online. Once you find and collect all of your connections in your friends list on Facebook though it might get difficult to remember everyone you have there. When that happens, Facebook has a pretty useful system of filters that you can use to search your friends list for one specific person. The main option that most people use when searching for someone in their Facebook friends list is searching by name.

Note that in order to use this filter you have to have your workplace listed on your Facebook profile. Another filter that you can use to search your Facebook friends is University. Once again, the list will show you the people that have the same college or university listed on their profile that you do. One handy filter that Facebook offers to its users is Birthdays.

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In that case, you can still use Facebook to locate their profile and contact them. Here are a few ways to do it. Maybe they work or study together, or live in the same city. One of them is to look for the person in Facebook Groups.

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To do that, open Facebook and select Groups from the menu on the left. Then type the name of the group into the Search groups box. Another way to search for someone on Facebook is by using their handle or username from another social media platform, like Twitter or Instagram.

People often use the same usernames across multiple sites and platforms. Every Facebook profile has a unique username at the end of its URL. With all the different filters and search options, Facebook makes the process of finding someone online How to search facebook friends by city easy and quick. More than that, now you can use Facebook Messenger to locate someone offline as well. How do you search for people on Facebook? Do you use one of the methods covered in this piece, or did we miss anything? Share your experience with Facebook search in the comments section below.

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How to search facebook friends by city

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