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Companies like Match. We started our search for Match. If you ever need a mailing address for the corporate office for any company, look in the Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions. This is where we found the address for Match. Whether you need love or you need to change your payment method, you can access the official website for Match.

The form for Match. The customer service center for Match.

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There are various customer service options to choose from, including contacting the billing department about a refund for a charge you did not authorize. The automated system explains that Match. The agent we spoke with, Stephanie, told us that s are not sent out to customers Match com stop emails the payment method is charged on the recurring plan, but anyone wishing to cancel recurring payments can do so from thei r online. A few months ago, I requested that my with Match. Please procede according to my decision. Do not charge my anymore. I do not have a computer at home, I used the one at the office I worked for.

As I Match com stop emails not working anymore and do not have enough money to waste as I have not received any benefit. Miriam Colon Soto. And by the way i am not looking for any women. U r annoying me!!! I agree with RYan. They need to put my money back or they will never get rid of me. I will hound them…their every waking moment.

This is my exact issue. I thought I would be paying a monthly fee and when I submitted I got charged the full amount for the period I ed up for. Now in process of getting money back. Hope no issues. I was considering re-subscribing however, after realizing the deception that goes with commitment I will not be associated with you unless you correct this. Your company advertises a price for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, etc.

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I cannot logon on to my. Somehow my password and afddress wont come uop at all. Can you help please? I am a new customer of match being on it for 3 weeks, I have had views and only 4 s,I have asked my family to look at my pictures and profile to see if I have come across wrongly and they have approved of my profile.

I cannot find any other way of contacting Match to seek advice. Where has the customer care section gone on match. Like why am I getting s from their sister site Matchaffinity when I Match com stop emails never ed them? Are they using my pictures without permission? Last week I got a message from match. Someone … saved you as a favorite. I also sent a message to match. Well, I tried 4 times to send this on your site that asks questions, but it would not go through! I try to pull them up, and they are no longer on there! Your website is a mess, still!! I canceled my subscription weeks ago and yet you took money from my !

I strongly suggest yoy send me a check for refund.

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If you do not I will file a suit. No place on your sit Close my at the end of this billing cycle. You guys just keep billing my credit card. STOP billing me! I Will be filing a complaint with the BBB and anyone else whill liste.

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I need help on here! The matches I am getting are horrific! I am paying good money and am not happy! Please send better matches or Im dropping! Also many duplicated matches I decline and you resend them! Please help! Horrible horrible dating site. Not even worth what you charge. Sincerely, Disappointed Customer.

Three Months ago I cancelled the two to three different times via. Before that I cancelled my then you charged me for three more months. I then asked you to return my funds to my bank none of this was done. This is a continuation of my last comment.

I ed up for three months. And now on April 16th my was charged for an extra three more months. I need this refund immediately. I have cancelled my the auto renewal is a con this is the worst dating website ever! I have asked the bank to stop Match. I want a refund on the two payments. Bad website bad attitude to customer service.

I would only recommend this site to liberal open minded people with little specific criteria. They send too many e mails and it is a waste of time to read each one. Too many e mails from men in different parts of the country as well as underage specified. It is not possible to cancel the profile or discontinue the service. A very unpleasant experience with this site.

I just found that match. I have not been on the site, they will only refund me for 2 mos. I am sick. I am on the phone with the bank and i will be taking them to court. Please be advised of the following: I am an attorney in the state of PA. My spouse is a Police Detective. I have asked you numerous times to cease and desist placing your on my computer. I am a married woman. Future advertisements from you will result in legal action against you. Believe me, I have taken on bigger corporations than yours and won.

You do not even permit people to unsubscribe. One more advertisement and you will be served. Hope you get the message. I am receiving s saying someone has winked at me but when I look there is no record of these persons. I think you are sending me Match com stop emails information because my subscription is coming to an Match com stop emails.

It has taken me ages to find a way to you Match com stop emails complaint. When my subscription ends please remove all my details from your site. I recently ed Match. You are apparently not aware of how many men are on your web site that are married. I had calls in the middle of the night telling me to only text them and not call them cause their phone was not working. Who in the heck calls you in the middle of the night, Married and hiding in the bathroom. I ed for 3 months, and paid for it, but have no intention of continuing with your web-site, it is a waste of time.

Match com stop emails

email: [email protected] - phone:(363) 159-2656 x 6086

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