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A common question foreigners moving Middle easter men or working in the Middle East ask at cultural awareness training sessions is, "Why do the men wear the headdress? So let's discover more about the reasons behind it. The traditional Arab headdress or headgear, worn by men of all ages at all levels of society, is most common in The Gulf region, i. The rectangular cloth, which is made from cotton, is Middle easter men referred to as the ghutra or kufiyah.

The cord that holds it in place to stop it blowing about in the wind or falling off, is known as the i qal. The light colour of the head gear helps to reflect the heat of the sun and cool the body, while the cover it gives to the neck and face helps to prevent sunburn. During cooler temperatures, heavier headdresses can fulfil the reverse function and keep the body warm. As such, the prevailing desert climates of the Middle East, this piece of clothing is essential to protecting people from the sun, sandstorms and the dramatic drop in temperature overnight. When encountering a sandstorm, what better way to protect the head and face than the ghutra?

As with all cultures, our clothing is heavily shaped by the environments we live in. Most Saudis and Emiratis wear their national dress with pride.

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The thobe is typically well ironed and Middle easter men when donned. In Saudi Arabia, wearing the ghutra is a must! It's worn by almost all men, each with their individual little tweaks. The ghutra and thobe are also an important part of Islamic culture as they enable the wearer to dress modestly. Wearing a loose-fitting thobe ensures men are properly covered and modest in their attire. It also ensures that they are suitably dressed for the Islamic prayer which is read five times per day.

Even in highly modernized countries such as Dubai in the UAE, the head dress is still worn by the vast majority of locals. Photo by mostafa meraji on Unsplash. The red and white checked headdress seems to be a recent cultural innovation, although this is debated by some. Due to the diversity of Middle Eastern countries and differences in the cultures and ethnicities of people living in the region, you will see a vast array of headdresses Middle easter men clothing. However, despite these differences, all pieces of clothing serve a practical purpose relating to the environment whilst also adhering to the Islamic religious requirements.

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If you are an expat relocating to the Middle East, in particular Saudi Arabia or the UAE then be aware that locals are very proud of their national dress. Wearing it as a joke, or laughing as you put it on, would be perceived very negatively and damage your reputation.

Likewise, wearing stained or creased thobes or ghutras would also be perceived negatively as this would be considered disrespectful.

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Middle easter men

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