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Beverly Hills Car Club is one of the biggest classic car dealers in the U. Alex Manos owner and his staff have years of experience buying and selling and driving! Immediate payment. When you bring in your classic car at BHCC, you never have to worry about when you get paid. Once the title is ed over, payment is transferred immediately, whether through a wire transfer or check. Top dollar Muscle car buyers.

At BHCC, we guarantee that we will give you our best offer for your car. Instead of selling privately or to another dealer dragging their feet, bring it to us to get the value you deserve. Convenient vehicle pickup. We will pick up your car from anywhere in the US, you do not need to bring in your classic vehicle by yourself. We offer vehicle pickup at your convenience. At Beverly Hills Car Clubwe are interested in buying any classic car. Before you sell any classic car, try to make sure that it is in its best working order.

This includes:. You can sell a car without taking these steps, especially if you go with a dealer like Beverly Hills Car Club which buys cars remotely via the internet — just send a few pictures by website or text to get started. The more preparation you put in Muscle car buyers vehicle, the easier it will be to find that elusive buyer. When your car is valuable and in good condition, its defects are more obvious. To prevent problems when selling, you can take it to a professional detailer to take care of those imperfections. This is especially true when the car has been in storage for a long time, or has high mileage.

Many serious collectors prefer heavy cleaning. Once the car is in its best condition, take some pictures. When doing this, well-lit pictures and capture all the details helps. Note however at Beverly Hills Car Club we often only need to see a few photos of the car to make an offer. If you are selling your car via the Internet, it is important to take as many photos as possible. Remember to snap a few pictures of the engine and even the trunk of your vehicle.

Keep in mind that the Beverly Hills Car Club takes vehicles in any condition. No matter what it looks like, we will look at your photos and give you the best offer possible. There are other things to think about, such as:. If you have a vehicle that is in rough condition and are in a rush to sell, to make a deal happen quickly you should be willing to accept the market price or perhaps even a little lower. If one of your collectible cars for sale is not a hot-seller, you Muscle car buyers likewise not try to haggle for the best deal.

Muscle car buyers you are unsure of pricing, you can call a professional appraiser. However, appraisers take time and money and are most often employed for only the most high-end vehicles. Our knowledge of rare models can give you a fair price classic car value immediately. There are a few ways to sell your collectible car for the best value, one of which is creating a vehicle marketing plan. You need to make an attractive offer to the best online classic car-buying website, or dealership, or private party. Whether you live in the Los Angeles area, or on a mountain in Montana, Beverly Hills Car Club is ready to offer you top dollar for that unique classic car!

If you choose to sell your classic European car, you cannot visit just any dealership. Go ahead and do some research on your other options for a classic car dealer in your area. BHCC offers special accommodations to people who want to sell a classic car quickly and efficiently. Our experts provide immediate payment, so you do not have to worry about who buys classic cars from us or getting paid for your vehicle. Reputable Muscle car buyers will usually pay you either by check or by electronic payment. At Beverly Muscle car buyers Car Clubyou can receive payment for your vehicle immediately.

This is also the time when you the title over to the dealer, making it official. Once this transaction is complete, it is time to start searching for your next collectible vehicle! For people attempting to sell a car, there are a few common mistakes they make. Before selling any antique vehicle, it is important to read up on the law and remember the following tips:. Classic cars stay around for much longer than regular vehicles from recent years.

To avoid any confusion, pay attention to the most recent developments in your classic car. For example, a manufacturer re-releasing an old car model can cause the original value to decrease.

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When selling a classic vehicle to any buyer, the right documentation is key. Make sure you find any original documents on the vehicle that may include the make, model, and year. If you need to, have your car appraised by a professional so any buyer can have peace of mind. By simply Muscle car buyers small, inexpensive repairs before taking your vehicle to the dealership, you can often command more money. When selling your beloved collectible car, make sure you feel good about who you are selling to. Dealing with shady dealers or buyers can be the worst experience!

To do this, avoid any aftermarket parts that may damage the look and value of your car. Also, instead of replacing any parts or pieces, it can be better to have them repaired, or leave as-is. Any pieces of the vehicle that need to be replaced should only be removed if absolutely necessary. When it comes to collectible, vintage, and antique cars, they fall under many. They can be anything from very early antique cars to unique muscle cars from the 60s and 70s. Here are some factors that Beverly Hills Car Club looks for in incoming vehicles:.

The most sought-after vehicles are the ones that are very hard to find or are basically non-existent. Well-known deers such as Chip Foose can increase the demand for the car even more. The experts at Beverly Hills Car Club have many years of experience in classic vehicles. Using our knowledge of production years, similar models, and more, we can accurately tell you the value of your classic car. No matter what condition the classic car is in, the older it is, the more value. Cars that are true antiques may even have historical or cultural ificance.

It can be difficult to find very old cars because they have been collectibles for many more years than other vehicles. Sometimes, extremely old vehicles have been passed through several dealerships and private collections. Depending on the age of a classic model, you can get outstanding offers for your classic car. For example, an older version of a popular classic car is always in high demand among collectors. No matter how old and valuable your vehicle may be, the Beverly Hills Car Club experts will always offer top dollar for it.

Just the appearance of a vehicle Muscle car buyers make collectors go wild. Details and other de Muscle car buyers that have started major trends can garner a lot of attention. Vehicles made after World War II, such as the Kaiser-Frazer, are examples that originally featured unique de changes. In fact, the Kaiser-Frazer changed the replaceable fenders and incorporated new body-styling des. In the early 50s and 60s, vehicles had features such as rocket-like fins and slim bodies. Examples of these include the Lincoln Continental, a classic and unique vehicle.

At Beverly Muscle car buyers Car Club, we look for vehicles with unique characteristics, from tail lights to bench seats. Just send a few photos, this is often all we need to make an offer. Instead of going back-and-forth in negotiations with private buyers, we offer a better way for sellers looking for people who buy classic cars. Our classic car dealership has everything you need to sell your car as quickly as possible. Whether you want to sell us an Alfa Romeo from the 50s or a more recent Rolls-Royce, our experts are ready to close the deal.

On our website, we list all the makes and models we specialize in.

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You can find out more about the years, makes, models, and other information about the cars we buy and sell on the. We also buy and sell classic cars, no matter what condition they are brought in. Whether you are looking to sell a project classic car, a daily driver, or a fully-restored vehicle, we buy classic cars!

Get in touch with our team of the best online Muscle car buyers car buying website to learn more about how we can help you sell your collectible car! We sell internationally, and we also buy anywhere in the US, any condition, immediate payment.

Regardless of your needs, white-glove service are hallmarks of how we do business.

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Search Inventory. Find your dream car. Make Model. Up. Recently Viewed. Selling a Classic Car? Looking for a Serious Nationwide Buyer? Speed up the process! Our team at Beverly Hills Car Club is here to help! Learn more about how to sell your collectible car today! About Beverly Hills Car Club. Beverly Hills Car Club is a nationwide classic car dealership and specializing in European classic cars.

Muscle car buyers

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