Pilar bataan scandal

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Published February 10, pm. In a telephone interview with GMANews.

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TV, Garcia said as of p. Tuesday, there were no more sightings of the dolphins off the coastal areas of Hermosa and Mariveles towns near Pilar.

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The whole coastline fronting Hermosa to Mariveles, they had no sightings. Wala na. Hopefully, nasa open seas na," Garcia said. Hopefully, they are now on open seas.

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About three whales were reported dead. In the interview, Garcia said authorities have yet to identify what caused the whales' deaths. Garcia said that on Wednesday, authorities will scour the coastal areas anew to monitor similar occurences. He added that Environment Secretary Lito Atienza Pilar bataan scandal also called for a meeting at 11 a. It is closely related to the Pygmy Killer Whale and Pilot Whale, and collectively these dolphin species are known by the common name blackfish.

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The Melon-headed Whale is widespread throughout the world's tropical waters, although not often seen by humans on of its preference for deep water. Tags: dolphinsmanilabaybataan. More Videos. Most Popular.

Pilar bataan scandal

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Stranded melon-headed whales found way to open seas, Bataan gov says