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To browse Academia. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Up. Calogero Giametta. Migration Studies. I am a sociologist with a research focus on gender, sexuality and the political economy of migration. In my work I examine how migration control operates through sexual humanitarian interventions under neoliberal democracies - in France and in the UK. More precisely, I study anti-human trafficking interventions and the right of asylum.

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Between and my doctoral research examined the experiences of gender and sexual minority refugees, and the discourses linking the politics of sexuality and the British refugee granting process. In my current post-doc fellowship I have expanded my research focus to the analysis of humanitarian and securitisation practices targeting migrant sex workers in France.

Address: Paris, France less. System-involvement resulting from anti-trafficking interventions and the criminalization of sex w Due to their stigmatized status, sex workers and people with trafficking experiences often struggle to access affordable, unbiased, and supportive health care. This paper will use thematic analysis of qualitative data from in-depth interviews and ethnographic fieldwork with 50 migrant sex workers and trafficked persons, as well as 20 key informants from legal and social services, in New York and Los Angeles.

It will highlight the work of trans-specific and sex worker-led initiatives that are internally addressing gaps in health care and the negative health consequences that result from sexual humanitarian anti-trafficking interventions that include policing, arrest, court-involvement, court-mandated social services, incarceration, and immigration detention. Our analysis focuses on the impact of criminalization on sex workers and their experiences with sexual humanitarian efforts intended to protect and control them. We argue that these grassroots community-based efforts are a survival-oriented reaction to the harms of criminalization and a response to vulnerabilities left unattended by Sakakini marseille prostitution sexual humanitarian approaches to protection and service provision that frame sex work itself as the problem.

Peer-to-peer interventions such as these create solidarity and resiliency within Sakakini marseille prostitution communities, which act as protective buffers against institutionalized systemic violence and the resulting negative health outcomes. Our suggest that broader public health support and funding for community-led health initiatives are needed to reduce barriers to health care resulting from stigma, criminalization, and ineffective anti-trafficking and humanitarian efforts.

We conclude that the decriminalization of sex work and the reform of institutional practices in the US are urgently needed to reduce the overall negative health outcomes of system-involvement. Save to Library Download Edit. It will highlight the work of trans-specific and sex worker—led initiatives that are internally addressing gaps in health care and the negative health consequences that result from sexual humanitarian anti-trafficking interventions that include policing, arrest, court-involvement, court-mandated social services, incarceration, and immigration detention.

Our analysis In this article I reflect on how complementing an interview-based methodological approach with pa The thoughts I elaborate on emerge from two experiences of fieldwork covering a time period that goes from to the present day conducted with gender and sexual minority migrants in the UK and France. In so doing I attempt to operationalise the queer ifier to help us think through how the words we use, and where we are situated, influence our sensibilities as researchers of the social. MaciotiCalogero Giamettaand Annah Pickering.

This article is an open access article distributed under the terms and conditions of the Creative This article focuses on the political debates that led to the adoption of the sex purchase ban c We argue Sakakini marseille prostitution there is continuity between the effects produced by the ban on soliciting enacted in and those created by the law penalising clients passed in Globally, sex workers have highlighted the harms that accompany anti-prostitution efforts advance Yet mounting evidence on the harms of anti-trafficking policies has done little to quell the passage of more laws, including policies aimed at stopping sexual exploitation facilitated by technology.

House of Representatives, and the corresponding Senate bill, the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act SESTAis a case study in how efforts to curb sexual exploitation online actually heighten vulnerabilities for the people they purport to protect. Migration, sex work and trafficking: the racialized bordering politics of sexual humanitarianism. MaciotiCalum Bennachieand Calogero Giametta. It draws on the concept of sexual Sakakini marseille prostitution, referring to how neoliberal constructions of vulnerability associated with sexual behaviour are implicated in humanitarian forms of support and control of migrant populations.

Based on over three years of fieldwork we examine the differential ways in which Asian cis women and Latina trans women are constructed and targeted as vulnerable to exploitation, violence and abuse, or not, in relation to racialized and cis-centric sexual humanitarian canons of victimhood. Through our comparative analysis we expose how the implication of sexual humanitarian rhetoric in increasingly extreme bordering policies and interventions on migrant sex workers impacts on their lives and rights, arguing for the urgent need for social reform informed by Sakakini marseille prostitution experiences of these groups.

Save to Library Edit. The synergy between restrictive sex work and migration policies targeting sex workers in France. The continuity of repressive legislation concerning sex work in France, from the legal measures a This visibility in the political sphere, however, has obfuscated the socio-anthropological reality of sex work and those who act within it. Il dialogo che intraprendiamo in questo saggio vuole offrire delle riflessioni sulla costruzione MaciotiCalogero Giamettaand Calum Bennachie.

As such they should be Sakakini marseille prostitution and the resulting resources diverted to sex worker rights associations and other Sakakini marseille prostitution supporting them. Their feedback and reactions should be taken into consideration, including not proceeding with such policies and interventions. More details about project findings and their policymaking implications are available in the specific country sections of the report. A burgeoning interest in lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans LGBT rights has been noted to raise a The LGBT acronym thus gains new meanings, as it is used and valorized by capital institutions and corporations.

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Importantly, Sakakini marseille prostitution re-ification of the LGBT category has also occurred within the system of international protection and immigration policies at a time of strong immigration restrictions. In this article, we examine how neoliberalism reshapes the LGBT ifier as a valorized protection category by looking at the case of asylum for gender and sexual minorities within EU geopolitics.

By specifically analyzing the French asylum system, we want to address the question of why and how refugee-granting processes erase or flatten locally-situated queer histories, experiences and social worlds. By documenting these and other limitations involved in a criminal justice approach, the authors reveal its shortfalls. For instance, while harsh sentences are meant as a deterrence to others, the complex and structural roots Sakakini marseille prostitution migrant labour exploitation remain unaffected.

This research finds that improved legal migration pathways, the decriminalisation of the sex industry, and improved access to information and support for migrant sex workers are key to reducing heavier forms of labour exploitation, including human trafficking in the Australian sex industry. Transgender people and human trafficking: intersectional exclusion of transgender migrants and people of color from anti-trafficking protection in the United States.

Transgender hereafter: trans people are rarely included in human trafficking research. This emp Most trans participants who reported exploitation did not self-identify as victims of trafficking nor were they identified by police or anti-trafficking organizations as victims. Repressing sex work in France in the name of women's rights and migrants'contorl.

What we discuss here is based on 25 in-depth interviews with migrant sex workers in France as well as 15 interviews with different actors involved in the drafting of the law to end sex work demand. Searching for the entrance to France's 'prostitution exit programme'. C Calderaro and C Giametta 'The Problem of Prostitution': Repressive policies in the name of migration control, public order, and women's rights in France.

It examines the convergence of French mainstream feminists and traditional neo-abolitionist actors in the fight against prostitution, and its impact on sex workers' rights and wellbeing. In discussing the current repression of sex work in France, we highlight how the construction of the 'problem of prostitution' should be seen in light of broader political anxieties over sexism in poor neighbourhoods and immigration Sakakini marseille prostitution, which justify the national priorities of security and public order.

New asylum protection and elusive filtering devices: the case of 'Queer asylum' in France and the UK. In Europe asylum seekers are confronted with migration-filtering techniques when beginning their In this article, I want to look at asylum through a focus on newly recognised refugee protection : sexual orientation and gender identity SOGI. In so doing, I concentrate on the ordinary, yet effective, manifestations of the filtering devices inherent in the politics of asylum by examining the elusiveness of current migration control practices. I aim to elaborate on the discrepancy between the widening of refugee protection, through the inclusion of gender identity and sexual orientation as grounds of asylum, and the increasingly restrictive practices that define the refugee granting process in France and the UK.

The analytical considerations in the article emerge from interviewing and conducting ethnography over a three-year period between London, Paris and Marseille with gender and sexual minority refugees, immigration lawyers and refugee support workers and volunteers. Queering social research on Sexuality, Migration and Asylum through co-authoring with participants. Today within neoliberal democracies, gender and sexuality provisions give people the opportunity The Sexual Politics of Asylum emerges from a 2 Sakakini marseille prostitution long ethnography, which explores the experiences of 60 gender and sexual minority refugees in the UK.

Bringing ly unheard stories to the forefront, this enlightening volume challenges dominant notions about the construction of sexuality and gender as an instrument for claiming rights in a world shaped by postcolonial relations. Giametta first examines why the Sakakini marseille prostitution experience of the studied migrants is located within a set of humanitarian-inflected discourses that privilege suffering and trauma.

Whilst the topic of asylum for gender and sexual minorities has attracted wide media coverage over the past decade, there persists a lack of academic attention to the complex experiences of these refugees. As such, this timely book will be of interest to undergraduate and postgraduate students interested in human rights, sociology, anthropology, migration, sexuality, gender and cultural studies, as well as people working within the refugee granting process.

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Sakakini marseille prostitution

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