Suburbs in the blue mountains

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The Blue Mountains are named for the distinctive blue haze surrounding the area, made by the oil bearing eucalyptus trees. Compiled and presented in profile. A military depot was set up initially in Glenbrook, then moved to Springwood. During the s settlement continued slowly.

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When gold was discovered in nearby Bathurst in the s many people travelled through the Blue Mountains. Substantial settlement occurred when the Western railway line from Penrith to Wentworth Falls was opened in Springwood became the Suburbs in the blue mountains commercial centre. Katoomba was settled mainly from the s, following the mining of coal and Suburbs in the blue mountains in the area.

At the end of the s, with the advent of the motor car, the Blue Mountains, especially the towns in the upper mountains, began to boom as a tourist destination, with many hotels and guesthouses built. In the Great Western Highway opened along the original rail route. The population of the Blue Mountains ed about 20, in The City experienced ificant growth in the post-war era as employment growth in western Sydney encouraged the settlement of commuters, particularly in towns in the lower mountains.

By the population had grown to about 30, and to about 38, by Rapid growth occurred during the s and s, with the population growing to about 48, byto 56, bythen to 64, by and to 69, by Much of this growth has been driven by an increase in occupancy as holiday houses have been converted into permanent occupancy. Since the s growth has diminished, with the population reaching nearly 72, by and over 73, by The population was relatively stable between andand then increased slightly to about 75, in Blue Mountains City is a residential, resort and rural area.

The majority of the remaining area is residential, with most towns and villages located along the ridgelines and plateaus on the main east-west road and rail corridor. Some are small, isolated rural settlements while others are large, urbanised areas.

The major population centres are Katoomba and Springwood.

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The City's major industry is tourism, with many holiday homes and guest accommodation in the upper mountain towns such as Blackheath, Katoomba and Wentworth Falls, while the lower mountain towns such as Blaxland, Glenbrook, Springwood and Winmalee, are more suburban in character. The main industrial estates are located in Katoomba and Lawson. The primary rural area is the Megalong Valley. Please view our Privacy PolicyTerms of use and Legal notices. The copyright in the way. Blue Mountains City Council Community profile opens a new window.

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Blue Mountains City About the profile areas. Export Word PDF. Location and boundaries Blue Mountains City is located at the western fringe of the Sydney metropolitan area, about 55 to 95 kilometres from the Sydney CBD. Important Statistics. Land area 1, square km. Population density Profile areas. Blue Mountains City. Road Satellite Satellite Labels. Full Screen. Exit Street View. Land use. Land use Blue Mountains City is a residential, resort and rural area. Blue Mountains City Council Suburbs in the blue mountains profile.

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Housing tenure Tenure overview Housing loan repayments Housing loan quartiles Housing rental payments Housing rental quartiles Migration profile Migration summary Migration by age Migration by age and location Locality snapshots Locality snapshots. Small areas. Faulconbridge Glenbrook - Lapstone Hazelbrook. Mount Riverview Springwood - Valley Heights.

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Warrimoo Wentworth Falls. Winmalee - Yellow Rock Woodford - Linden.

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Mount Victoria Township Blackheath Township. Glenbrook Township Katoomba Township. Lawson Township. Springwood Township. Winmalee Township. Woodford Township. Planning Areas. Planning Area 1. Planning Area 2. Planning Area 3.

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Planning Area 4. Planning Area 5. Social atlas Population forecast Economic profile. Powered by. Free demographic resources Access hundreds of free demographic and economic resources to help you make informed decisions.

Suburbs in the blue mountains

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Blue Mountains City suburb boundaries