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Thank you for taking the time to look at the dogs and puppies we currently have at Toledo pets for sale Toledo Animal Rescue. Please know, as dogs get cleared by our veterinarian and are ready for your visits, they will be added to this. Check back often to meet new arrivals. If you have any questions, feel free to the Rescue at info toledoanimalrescue. This big ole goofball was an instant favorite when he arrived at the rescue! He is full of kisses and love to give.

The handsome man does well with children; however has no experience with other dogs, or cats. One of Reggie's favorite activities is swimming. Don't have a huge pool? No Problem! He is perfectly content to lay in a baby pool and catch some rays. He was also more than eager to participate in our Howl-O-Ween costume contest. Reggie is more than happy to hang out in your lap, or to run around in the back playing fetch. Reggie would love nothing more than to come home and be your super-man! Abby is one BIG girl! She weighs in at 94lbs, but should only weigh 60 at the most!

She has been doing great on her diet and exercise plan! She came in with her brother Logan after her owner passed away, and if all possible would like to go home with him as well. While her owner was a man, she does seem to be scared of them. However she has been Toledo pets for sale with our trainers here and is making good progress overcoming her fears, especially if Logans around!

Abby loves snuggles, and despite her size will crawl into our laps for cuddle time. She loves fetch, and is happy to chase a toy around for hours. She is a good girl, and always brings it back and drops it so we can throw it again! She also loves playing tug-of-war with her brother! Since her owner passed away we do not know how she does around cats, children, or other dogs. Give her time, and this plus sized lady will give you more love than you know what to do with!

Logan came in with his sister Abby, and while he is not as overweight as she is, he could still use to lose a couple of pounds. These siblings were brought to us after their owner unexpectedly passed away. Because of this we do not know how Logan does with other dogs, cats, or Children. Logan is the most outgoing of the two, and is always eager to greet strangers with cuddles and kisses.

He is very food motivated, and will do almost anything for a snack. He is still working on his manners, particularly 4-on-the-floor. He enjoys playing fetch, however always yields the ball for Abby to bring back. He is just the biggest goofiest boy around, and brings a smile to our faces. If all possible Logan would love a family where he can stay together with his sister! These plus sized siblings would love to give all of their love to you! Rambo is Toledo pets for sale a hoot, and is full of that endless puppy energy. He is still working on his manners, and isn't quite potty trained yet.

Even though he's been making great progress! Rambo is a big cuddle bug, and loves to crawl into our laps for cuddles and kisses. He loves to run around in the yard chasing balls and playing tug.

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Rambo does not have any experience with children, dogs, or cats, so a proper introduction is a must! Max may be a generic name for a dog, but Max is anything but! This little guy has tons of energy, and loves to share it with everyone he meets.

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He loves playing, so much so that if you don't throw his toy for him, he picks it up and throws it for himself! Once he's tuckered out from all the playing he turns into a snug bug, and loves to cuddle in some nice warm blankets. Max has a big voice, and always excited to tell us all how his day went. He has no experience with cats; however does well with other dogs and Children! Max-A-Million is certainly that, one in a million! Casper came to us after his owner Toledo pets for sale did not have the time for him anymore. Casper is a pretty quiet and laid back kind of guy.

He enjoys naps, snuggles, and chicken. Casper is very shy of strangers, and would do best quite home with patient parents who give him time to warm up at his own pace. He gets along well with other dogs, cats, and Toledo pets for sale children. Once Casper warms up he turns into a cuddle monster! He adores his people, and is always eager to please them!

We expect to be overwhelmed with applications for Rosie. She will not be ready to go home until she weighs enough to be spayed. We ask that you please exercise patience as we take the time to process all applicants to ensure Rosie gets the best possible home. Thank you in advance for your understanding! Rosie, or as we have taken to calling her 'Little One' has more than earned her nickname.

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She only weighs 2 lbs! She looks as sweet as can be, but watch out, this Little One has a feisty side! She is full of energy! Her favorite activities include chasing kittens around the rescue, and bullying dogs 10x her size.

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She is very vocal, and enjoys talking while she plays. She is a stereotypical puppy, and chews on everything in sight. She also is still working on house breaking and basic manners. Rosie does well with other dogs, Toledo pets for sale cats, provided they have the energy and the willingness to play with her. She would also do well in a home with children. Rosie will not be ready to go home for another couple of weeks; however she is ready for visits!

Sweet, and cuddly are the two words that best describe Teddy! This cuddle monster is always happy to sit in a lap and get scratches. He also has a playful side, and when he's in the mood give happy little Zoomies!

Teddy knows he cute, and prances everywhere he goes. Teddy does well with other dogs and children, however does not have any experience with cats. Teddy is ready for your visit today, but will not be ready to go home until after he gets neutered!

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Toledo pets for sale

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