Trailblazer ss gas mileage

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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. ed Oct 6, ed Jul 1, Man you had me good!! I thought Trailblazer ss gas mileage were posting a thread about getting only 6 mpg in your ride!! ed Jun 29, But in the city I am always filling up. I have driven the 2WD version that a friend has and it was more fun to drive. I do like my interior better 3SS fully loaded or his 1SS and no leather. Hope some of this helps. ed Jan 1, My '06 stock gets average I do know that some of the tuned guys generally see MPG better. ed Jul 29, ed Jul 11, Bigger motor and 4.

Those gears are a double edged sword, great for getting going but horrible under cruise for mileage.

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ed May 15, ed Dec 3, I average I agree, if its mileage you want, then this is not the truck for you. Please do not pretend that the only reason that you do not have one is mileage. Now, time for a math lesson: Lets say the average yearly mileage is 15K.

ed May 8, I just started checking my mpg the last two weeks. My mpg is on an average is All city Trailblazer ss gas mileage. I want to know how it is do on the highway, long trips. That will be happening next month. Our freeway speed limit out of City is 75mph. I don't have an SS as you can see.

ed Mar 24, Everyone above it right. It's an OLD discussion. You can't mix the terms "fuel economy" and "high performance" in the Trailblazer ss gas mileage sentence. It's just not going to work well. The TBSS has a base curb weight of pounds. To get all that and passengers and cargo going to 60mph in around 5. Ain't no two ways about it. Everyone here knows harmless. I tromp on the gas, watch the speedo go one way, and the fuel meter go the other! It's a little slice of life I enjoy. I also like watching people get tossed back into their seats I wouldn't trade it for the world.

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If you're gonna cook the rice, you're gonna have to burn the fuel. ed Oct 17, LOL pretty much. Anything you look at that's got the aerodynamics of a brick wall is gonna have some mileage issues of sorts. They do have hybrid versions of some of these bricks. I'm not sure how spunky they might be, but that may be an option for you as well. I wouldn't do a R2WD with this amount of power going to the wheels. Heck, I've managed to get sideways a few times with the Trailblazer ss gas mileage on purpouse so I'm AWD all the way. Besides, I'd rather have 4 on the floor than 2 in the smoke the discussion.

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Trailblazer ss gas mileage

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