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Growing up, I didn't fit those stereotypes. The world has never been simple enough for me to ask someone out on date without fear of repercussion. After getting my heart broken for the first time and avoiding women for a couple of years, I gave in to peer pressure from friends and set up a Woman looking sex tonight Mc Kee on one site. It felt like a cattle market. Most of my relationships began as friendships, months of getting to know someone culminating with an epiphany that they were quite nice usually, the conclusion was right, the relationship just wasn't.

I didn't go looking for them; they just happened, leaving a scar, a lesson or, more often than not, a friendship when we both realised friends was better than girlfriends. Computers remove that, reducing chance meetings to a series of algorithms suggesting potential matches. Now, when the subject comes up with new girlfriends — as it inevitably will — shame makes it hard to be honest.

But what would Sex in the City have looked like if it was told from the perspective of a wheelchair user, an LGBT woman or a something Christian?

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SATC fans will be familiar with this scenario but the mishaps would be totally different. What if she tells the whole office about the creepy queer who just came on to her? I mean, I only want to ask her out for a drink but it could end up with a public shaming. The guy she set me up with invited me to this really posh restaurant in Manhattan. So I had to get a cab; the fare cost more than the meal. No one mentions the part where they get divorced and have to rebuild their lives afterwards. Or the disabled teen who struggles for social acceptance, never-mind his first kiss.

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