Wonder woman erotic fiction

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Password Reset. Update. By chance, a young thief discovers that the sensational Wonder Woman has a secret weakness that can be exploited. So secret that not even Wonder Woman herself knows about it. When desire overcomes his rational mind, the thief takes a daring risk and puts the Amazonian Princess under his Twisted Dominion.

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Wonder Woman responds to her sister's distress al, only for her world to be turned upside down in a war between the Pantheons. Wonder Woman interrupts a bondage session by mistake and attempts to "rescue" the female executive submissive. When the Domina suggests Wonder Woman might benefit from the services other powerful women have employed; to step out Wonder woman erotic fiction their power and into submission. Wonder Woman and Supergirl are Wonder woman erotic fiction a mission together when they are captured and subsequently thoroughly bred by a disgusting filthy pig demon.

Content warning: bestiality, breeding, impregnation, pig, mindbreak. Wonder Woman is investigating a white slavery ring in hopes of freeing the dozens of women who have disappeared recently. Unfortunately, the slavers get the drop on her and show that they're good in breaking women, super or not. Wonder Woman finds herself forced to swear an unbreakable oath -- one that will compel her to explore a man's fantasies, and express her own.

From her place in the clouds, Aphrodite watches Diana, the beautiful Amazonian Princess, lead a life of loneliness. She watches as her most prized creation spends night after night in a cold bed with no man to warm her.

As the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite decides that this cannot continue. So, she decides to "help". Nea Priapeia By : salarta Published : March 29, New costume, new powers, new name, same woman Does Lex Luthor Lie? Lex Luthor decides to relocate to Gateway City and convinces everyone that he has changed his evil ways.

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He donates millions of dollars to charity and finds time for the less fortunate. Luthor even gets Wonder Womaan to help. The police are closing in on the criminals especially with Wonder Woman's help. But who is closing in on why and why is Wonder Woman having a hard time breathing in tight situations? A man, named Ozra, leaves a drugged box of bon bons in Diana Prince's office, which will Wonder woman erotic fiction time as she eats them, turn her into a big haired, tacky, blonde bimbo that he wants her to be; as well as falling in love with him.

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Wonder Woman vs Elsa and Dr. Wedding Night By : J. Phillips Published : Wonder woman erotic fiction 15, It's the night of Diana and Mera's wedding, and according to their customs, that means they need to 'consumate the marriage'. Wonder Woman's first meeting with the sorceress Circe has her indulging some kinks she never knew she had.

A young and naive Wonder Woman is manipulated by Olympian godly agendas into performing a perverse series of tasks to decide the survival of the Amazons. A behind the scenes look at the debut of Princess Diana in Man's World, her first meeting with Superman, and her first clashes with the forces of Apokolips.

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Diana wants to challenge herself, and wants to flee the heartbreak she feels, so she leaves her island paradise and ventures out into the outside world where she meets Star Sapphire, a wanted criminal, and falls in love.

Wonder woman erotic fiction

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